Your new Berkeley De Veer home comes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty from Berkeley De Veer. In this document, you’ll find all the information you need about what your warranty covers, and how to keep it.

How Your Warranty Works

1. Before completion, our Contracts Manager and Sales Manager will do a full quality control check of your property.

2. Around one week before legal completion, you’ll be invited to do a full tour of your home with the Site Manager and the Sales Manager.

During this tour, the Site Manager will walk you through how all the items in your new home work. They’ll also talk to you about maintaining your property.

This isn’t a snagging exercise, but if you do notice anything that needs attention at this point, let us know and we’ll aim to get it fixed before completion.

3. On the day of completion, once our solicitor has confirmed that the completion funds have gone into our account, you’ll get a call from our Sales Manager.

They’ll confirm that you’ve legally completed, and arrange a time to meet, complete your paperwork and hand over your keys and new home Handbook.

Emergency defects

An emergency defect is something that is harmful to your health, safety or security. If an emergency defect arises, contact the emergency number in your Handbook straight away. We’ll make sure that the issue gets fixed, and we’ll monitor the works to make sure they are carried out as soon as possible. 

We’ll aim to fix any non-emergency defects in your new home within 28 days of being told about them.

Items covered by your Berkeley De Veer 2-year warranty

1. Central heating

What’s covered?
Your boiler, cylinder and central heating

Damage is caused by a lack of care or maintenance
The fixture hasn’t been serviced every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer

2. Fires

What’s covered?
Your gas or electric fire, if one is fitted

Damage is caused by a lack of care or maintenance
Your fire hasn’t been serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer

3. Drainage

What’s covered?
Any part of the drainage system that serves your home, and for which you are responsible

The blockage isn’t caused by a defect in the system

4. Plumbing

What’s covered?
All your plumbing and pipes

The issue is a result of poor maintenance
It’s a blockage caused by inappropriate items being placed down toilets or plug holes

5. Seals

What’s covered?
Seals such as mastic around your home

Damage is caused by lack of care or maintenance

6. Electrical

What’s covered?
Your fixed electrics, such as wiring, sockets and switches

The defect hasn’t been reported within 72 hours of legal completion
The issue is relating to bulbs or fuses

7. Smoke alarms 

What’s covered?
All of your smoke alarms

You’ve failed to carry out proper maintenance and servicing 

8. Kitchen units

What’s covered?
All of your kitchen units

Damage or defects aren’t reported to us within 72 hours of legal completion
The damage is anything that would be considered usual wear and tear
The damage is due to lack of care
It’s a kitchen appliance which is covered by the manufacturer

9. Bathrooms

What’s covered?
Your toilet, sinks, taps, shower heads and shower door

Defects to the shower tray and cubicle aren’t reported to us within 72 hours of legal completion
The issue is because of a lack of care or maintenance

10. Wardrobes and furniture

What’s covered?
Cosmetic damage to any furniture provided

Damages or defects aren’t reported to us within 72 hours of legal completion
The damage can be considered usual wear and tear
The damage is due to a lack of care

11. Decoration and tiling

What’s covered?
All tiles and decoration in your home

Damage isn’t reported to us within 72 hours of legal completion

14. Doors and windows

What’s covered?
Internal and external doors and windows

Damage isn’t reported to us within 72 hours of legal completion

15. Driveways and pathways 

What’s covered?
Any hard outside surfaces that are part of your home

Your driveway and other paved areas are damaged by lack of maintenance
The damage is due to the weather
It’s a tarmac drive which has been scuffed by wheel turns from a stationary vehicle

16. Insulation 

What’s covered?
All the insulation in your home

You have removed or changed any of the insulation

17. Guttering 

What’s covered?
Any leaking gutters

The gutters are leaking because of a lack of care and maintenance
The leak is a result of storm damage or seasonal changes

18. Landscaping 

What’s covered?
Any landscaping we’ve installed 

The damage is due to a lack of maintenance
Damage has been caused by the weather
The problem is to do with standing water more than three meters from your home

19. Garages

What’s covered?
All the external structures that we built before you bought your home

Damage is the result of water getting into structures with a single layer of brick or masonry
The damage has been caused by lack of maintenance
Damage has been caused by the weather

20. Ironmongery

What’s covered?
All doorknobs, handles and hardware we’ve supplied

The damage could be seen as usual wear and tear
The problem is due to poor maintenance or misuse

22. Outside taps

What’s covered?
Any taps on the outside of your property

Damage is caused by the weather
The damage is due to poor maintenance 

Items not covered in your Berkeley De Veer 2-year warranty 

Unfortunately, your warranty doesn’t cover any damage caused by natural, gradual deterioration or usual wear and tear. It also doesn’t cover things that are damaged due to poor maintenance, neglect, misuse or failure to follow operating checks and procedures.

Other things not covered include:

  • Your kitchen appliances – these will be covered by manufacturer guarantees

  • Any damage caused by damp or condensation 

  • Shrinkage cracks, which are normal and can happen as your new property dries out 

  • Damage caused by storms, floods or other severe weather conditions 

  • Anything that’s usually covered by household insurance 

  • Alterations or works you’ve done on your property after buying it 

  • Gates, fences, curtains, blinds and soft furnishings 

Keeping your cover

There are a few things we need you to do in order to keep your cover for as long as possible. Don’t worry - it’s mostly common sense, but the more you stick to these three rules, the likelier it is that we’ll be able to help. 

1. Take care

Your new home has been built to a very high standard, but you’ll be responsible for general maintenance to make sure it stays looking as good as the day you moved in. This includes things like:

  • Keeping the gutters clear

  • Mowing the lawns and keeping your garden tidy

  • Maintaining external paintwork with the correct products 

  • Keeping grout and mastic seals in good condition 

  • Clearing your shower traps 

  • Oiling hinges and garage doors 

  • Generally avoiding any careless or wilful damage

When you move in, you might notice a couple of minor issues, which are normal in new houses. This is regarded as ‘general household maintenance’, so you’ll be responsible for taking care of them. They include:

  • Nail pops which can be dealt with during normal decoration

  • Sealing shrinking cracks, unless they are wider than 2mm or 4mm on stairways. These are normal and are caused by your new property drying out

2. Keep it serviced

Many of the items and fixtures in your new home will need regular, official servicing to keep them in good working order. Not only will this make sure everything is working properly and safely, it also keeps you covered. For full service details, make sure you check your user manuals carefully. 

Things that will need regular servicing include:

  • Your boiler and cylinder
    This will need to be done annually, by a qualified, unvented hot-water system engineer. A cylinder inspection on its own isn’t enough – you’ll need to have both checked.

  • Your gas fire (if fitted)
    You’ll need to have this serviced annually, by a Gas Safe registered engineer

  • Your smoke and burglar alarms

Make sure you follow the advice in your manufacturers guidelines for servicing these

3. Let us know

Don’t keep it to yourself. As soon as you spot an issue, report it to us. This way we’ll be able to fix it as soon as possible, and the problem is more likely to be covered by your warranty. 

As you’ll see from the ‘what’s covered’ section, there are certain things which you’ll need to let us know about within 72 hours of legally completing in order to make sure it’s covered. So have a good look around your new home when you move in, and let us know if something doesn’t seem right with your:

  • Floor coverings 

  • Kitchen units 

  • Doors, windows and glazing

  • Tiles or decorating 

  • Wardrobes or other furniture

  • Sanitaryware, shower tray or cubicle